Angling Coaching

The intention is to use the additional small ponds for angling coaching and education on environmental issues and field studies. The larger of the ponds will form the nucleus of the Emperor Lakes Junior Angling Club, which will be supported by the Angling Development Board. We are confident that we will achieve ClubMark accreditation, which will give us the first rung of the ladder to achieving our ultimate goal, leading to the creation of a Centre of Excellence for angling, from Junior through to International level. All coaching & teaching will be under the supervision of officially recognised, fully qualified tutors, all of whom are Criminal Records Office checked and an appointed child protection officer will be in place, whenever appropriate.

The Centre of Excellence building and facilities will form a flagship facility This centre will also be the first in Devon. We have also had on site meetings with members of staff from the Environment Agency, who have seen and approved the coaching ponds, and we will and have been working closely with them to ensure conformity. Our relationship with the Angling Development Board and Angling Trust is a close working one, which will continue to strengthen over time, bonding the project together.

County Angling Action Groups are set up to develop angling within the county boundaries, considering the specific needs of local communities. Operated on a volunteer basis, under the guidance of the Angling Development Board, it is perceived that independent fisheries, clubs, and associated parties can work together to improve the provision of angling in Devon.

The Angling Development Board is supported by Sport England, the Environment Agency, British Waterways & Sports Coach UK. Working with key partners, the ADB aims to establish an infrastructure to develop the sport of angling in England. This includes working alongside national, regional & local angling & non-angling organisations. This organisation is recognised
as the major body representing angling in the UK, to include sea, game & coarse fishing.

The proposed Centre of Excellence will provide facilities for toileting, rest room/canteen, and a large classroom/lecture room. All facilities will be designed & built to conform with the needs of disabled clients. The classroom will be used for multiple disciplines at various academic levels & age groups. The equipment will include microscopes, inspection trays and field study identification charts of British wildlife, including freshwater, game & marine fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, aquatic entomology, amphibians, trees & their leaves, wild flowers, ferns, lichens, mosses and more. In line with our own policies, considerable emphasis has been placed on the consideration of access for disabled student/client swims and parking proximity to lakes etc.

Angling in all its many forms & disciplines, is the largest participation sport in the UK. In the last 25 years, with all the technical advances in tackle manufacture, and the plethora of angling publications and masses of information, has led to a heightened awareness of the sport, but at the same time ,It can and does seem daunting to a newcomer, in terms of where to start, which could at worst deter a newcomer, or lead to the novice being despondent and leaving the sport. One of our main aims is to make access to the sport available to all. A benefit of this encouragement to newcomers and novices, is the sale of Environment Agency licenses. This revenue is then used nationwide restocking waterways, anti pollution measures, aquatic weed control and other important uses. As well as  the personal development of the students which is the ultimate goal after all.

Our centre of Excellence will cater for all age groups and abilities, irrespective of gender, race and disability. We have already developed an excellent working relationship with numerous Angling Development Board licensed coaches spanning levels 1, 2 & 3, all of whom are as stated above Criminal Records Office and child protection CHECKED, first aid certificated, fully insured, and conversant with and able to deliver coaching on all disciplines.

To this end, we are able to offer coaching to meet specific needs, ie, school children of all ages & abilities to competition angling to the more advanced angler. The ethos embraced by this Centre of Excellence is unique insomuch that we aspire to create a facility which can produce anglers of International competition standard.

We have two purpose built coaching ponds, as well as the two fully stocked lakes which offer some of the largest specimen fish in Devon. Our site at Loddiswell is also perfectly placed to cater for the sea angling fraternity, with easy access to many good shore marks, inshore BOAT FISHING ON reef and sandbanks, as well as to the long range charter fleet for ROUGH GROUND/wreck fishing. Our proximity to the A38 allows easy access to game stocked reservoirs, (trout), on Dartmoor National Park, supporting our claim to be the only tuition centre in the Southwest catering for all angling disciplines.

The classroom will also be utilised for the training and advancement of coaches, and provide facilities for examination to all levels of coaching standards. We have a working relationship with a coaching trainer qualified to deliver advanced training to the highest levels of coaching qualification. This contact is also responsible for exam vetting, internal and external.

At the time of writing, we are in the process of creating the Emperor Lakes junior angling club, and working towards ClubMark accreditation. Any interested parties, schools, clubs, individuals etc. Please contact Dave Lidstone (proprietor) for further details.

Below is an outline of the type of tuition which can be delivered, but is by no means exhaustive, as it will depend on the particular discipline. At some point in the near future, we will have professionally written, structured coaching plans in place.


Structured coaching will include:

  • fish species and biology 
  • water cycle and weather
  • selection of swims
  • setting up of safe tackle
  • casting
  • playing fish
  • care & handling of fish on the bank
  • treatment of any damage or wounds
  • care of the environment
  • consideration of other anglers
  • personal safety
  • basic water craft
  • basic first aid
  • food chains
  • pondlife
  • test curve of rods line strengths

The above is only an illustration of the depth and variation of the course. It can be seen that subjects include biology, geography, numeracy and literacy as well as citizenship.


Sponsorship for the project has kindly been given by CALOR GAS. Obviously this multinational company has close links with the rural community and, in its own right is striving towards more environmentally considerate energy solutions and is involved in numerous environmental projects around the UK. We are delighted with this relationship and support, as they obviously value our environment as highly as we do.